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Orinda’s schools have been a pillar of strength in our community and are indeed why many of us moved here.  However, that strength cannot be taken for granted.  It comes only through robust, ongoing efforts from administrators, teachers, parents, students, and the community.  


Given the challenges our elementary and middle schools face, educating and supporting students in unprecedented times with limited financial resources, we need Board members that understand what steps the Board can take, listen to the community to inform decisions, and enable our schools to lead in education excellence while addressing key issues from student mental health to staffing challenges.  


I believe my background as a former Orinda Mayor and as a successful executive in startup and large technology companies well positions me as a productive Board member representing our community.  My educational experience (valedictorian at Miramonte, degrees from MIT and Stanford) drives me to enable such opportunities for all children.  And my co-founding of a digital mental health startup is very relevant to addressing the pandemic challenges facing students.


I am humbled to be endorsed by a large number of our current and former local elected officials including representatives of OUSD, the City of Orinda, and MOFD, representing a broad cross section of our community, but aligned on the need for our board to continue our tradition of excellence in education.  Please share with me your educational priorities at  I would be honored to receive your support.

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